• Football Manager 2020 – The Pentagon Challenge – Part 1: The Job Hunt

    18th Sep 2020 by

    Well then…it’s been a while, hasn’t it! Since my last post was uploaded – the final (?) edition of my very first series ‘The Pilgrimage‘ – near the start of June, I’ve been very quiet. To be completely honest, I’d barely touched Football Manager at all since that last post with many real-world priorities taking…well…priority.… Read more

  • Football Manager 2020 ‘The Pilgrimage’ #28 – A Moment Like This

    13th Jun 2020 by

    Previously in The Pilgrimage, the Plymouth Argyle side of 2006/07 started their race from relegation and Gordon Sparks came a step closer to finding out who sent RPW FM into the past. “RPW! I think I’ve solved it! There’s apparently some sort of underground criminal in the locker room – you’re gonna have to be… Read more

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